LETTER: ‘Slime Time’ or fake fun?

To the Editor:


I have never understood why people find it amusing to cause another discomfort such as by flipping a person into a dunk tank at a festival or throwing a pie into an unsuspecting person’s face. On March 26 the Roseview Review showed, on the front page, that Saint Rose of Lima School found a way of taking this type of entertainment to an even lower level.

In a gym full of cheering parents and children, students were awarded for selling raffle tickets by receiving the privilege of dumping green slime onto the head of the parish priest or the school principal.  

One child from each grade took a turn. A preschooler had the honor of going first and was helped up a ladder to dump a bucket of gooey slop onto the head of the school principal. The child was applauded for doing something that, if he had done this to a sibling or a friend on his own, would have been considered a very nasty thing to do.  

In all my teaching days I thought it was part of a school’s responsibility to promote positive and constructive values. I see no redeeming value in dumping slop on anyone’s head. The administration here might do well to survey the students on fun and worthwhile ideas for a school assembly. Children can be amazingly creative.


Mary R. DePrey 


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