Voting Moller on climate change

To the Editor:


I'm a Mounds View graduate and current college junior studying abroad in Greenland and Iceland. This semester, I've taken classes in climate science to understand the full effects of climate change on terrestrial, marine and freshwater ecosystems, as well as on human life and well-being. We spent two weeks in Greenland in September, where we visited climate research stations and saw the Greenland ice sheet. This ice sheet, if completely melted, will cause a global sea level rise of seven meters, as well as other natural weather-related catastrophes. 

Many elected officials don't appreciate the large environmental and economic impacts of climate change. We have reduced coal emissions in Minnesota but there is more to do on energy efficiency, sequestering carbon in forests and farms, switching our vehicle fleets to non-fossil fuel sources, and innovating sustainable technological solutions. Although some solutions could be expensive, they will save us money and time in the near and distant future. If we plan well — as was done with the state's renewable energy standard — we will continue to reduce our carbon emissions even as the economy grows. 

A few weeks ago, I voted absentee for Kelly Moller for the Minnesota House of Representatives. She has been endorsed by the Sierra Club and MN350, the state's leading climate action organization. State Rep. Jamie Becker-Finn, who represents southern Shoreview, is also MN350-endorsed. They know that the longer we wait, the more difficult and expensive it will be for my generation to deal with the damage.


Megan Gardner


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