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Q. I have watched all the DVDs in the “Up” series, carrying the characters through age 56. Will there be more?


A. In 1964, British film director Michael Apted made a documentary about a group of London children who were all 7 years old. The film — “Seven Up!” — became one of the best-known documentaries of the 20th century, and it was followed by several more filmed explorations of the subject matter. Although Apted’s original purpose was to show how Britain’s rigid class system of the era determined life opportunities for the children, over time, the films became less ideological and more engrossed in the individuality of their young subjects. In the decades since, Apted and his film crew have revisited the original children every seven years, charting their progress through childhood, adolescence and the usual struggles and milestones of maturity. The series as a whole has been praised as one of the best film documentaries ever made. The most recent DVD in the series was released in 2012 when the subjects involved were age 56. The next film in the series, “63 Up,” premiered on TV in the UK but has not yet been released on DVD. The library owns, or can obtain for you, all the previous films in the series.  

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