LETTER: Be heard about New Brighton redevelopment

To the Editor:


It is very exciting for New Brighton residents to have an eight-acre plot of land that can give back to the community, as it has for many years. 

The eight acres lend themselves to a baseball field, soccer field, dog park and senior, one-level housing units. This land started out supporting New Brighton Elementary School, then it developed into a senior outreach program, and last but not least a Korean church.

The city council, mayor and the city manager want to redevelop this land in a very different way. Many residents of the New Brighton community are not in agreement with their plans. To our disappointment, we are not being listened to. The powers at hand seem to be advancing their agenda only. Putting in a massive housing development would not only create problems from increased taxes, it would also decrease public safety.

Having a city council, mayor and city manager that have a city with a total bonded debt to the tune of $30 million dollars, who then want to spend more money on redevelopment, is not wise decision making.

Residents’ participation by attending our next Planning Commission meeting on May 21 at 7 p.m. at City Hall would be much appreciated.


Diane C. Christofferson

New Brighton 

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