LETTER: Calling for more lane conversions in Roseville

To the Editor:


The Roseville Review reported the week of April 21 that, “The Roseville City Council was updated April 15 about planned safety improvements to a stretch of Larpenteur Avenue where two pedestrians were killed in a single crash earlier this year. Ramsey County plans to convert the four-lane, undivided roadway into three lanes with a center left-turn lane between Dale and Rice streets, said city Public Works Director Marc Culver.”

“Culver pointed out to the council that the deaths of two Roseville residents, hit by what police say were two different vehicles on Jan. 3 near Woodbridge Court, is not the main reason for the planned work. ‘It’s never our intention to do improvements simply as a reaction to these types of incidents and we would hope to be as proactive as possible to avoid these types of tragedies,’ he said.”

If the four lane to three-lane conversion makes sense on Larpenteur between Rice and Dale, then it makes as much, or more sense on County Road C between Rice and Lexington. 


Sheldon Gitis 


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