LETTER: School choice matters

To the Editor:


School choice advocates want legislation to establish a tax credit for donations to scholarship-granting organizations.

The legislation is a tool for closing the disparity gap among some Minnesota public schools. Statewide survey results show school choice has bipartisan support among voters, particularly within minority communities. Most studies on school choice have shown that students who use scholarships to attend non-public schools improve their test scores. Other studies have shown school choice improves school racial and ethnic integration.

DFL Gov. Tim Walz has said he will not support the legislation.  

The DFL party functions as a wholly owned subsidiary and legislative arm of Education Minnesota — the public-school system teachers’ union. The union’s dues-sourced formidable funding underwrites its disproportionate political influence.

So, as to our District 41 DFL legislators (Senate: Lane; House: Bernardy and Kunesh-Podein) ... can there be any doubt about their position on the “school choice” legislation? However, can there be any doubt that their position is counter to the choice of our District 41, taxpayer majority?


Gene Delaune 

New Brighton

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