LETTERS: Thankful for Groff’s vote for more information

To the Editor:


At the Roseville City Council meeting on March 25, a vote came up to write a letter of support for a bill before the Minnesota House sponsored by a legislator from Greenfield, Minnesota. I appreciated council member Wayne Groff’s thoughtful questions regarding this bill that addressed Local Government Aid. 

It was not on the list of legislative priorities that the council passed a few weeks ago and had not received  input from our own legislators or city lobbyist. This bill, while getting more money in Local Government Aid funding for Roseville, would cost Ramsey County $1 million in funding. Bills in the Legislature are complicated and can often have unintended consequences.

I appreciate Wayne Groff’s thoughtful and thorough study of issues coming before the council and his “no” vote on this issue. It takes courage to be the only vote asking for more information.  


June Stewart


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