LETTERS: Letters from Roseville’s Boy Scout Troop 401

To the Editor:


A few years ago I wrote to the mayor of Roseville talking about the lack of sidewalks and street lights on Roseville roads. As an avid biker, I’m constantly aware of the safest and fastest ways around town. 

With the lack of sidewalks on main roads I have resorted to longer treks to go the safest ways. On the side roads I’d take instead, I had noticed a lack of corner street lamps on very dark turns, where someone could easily be hurt if not lit up properly. 

Please help spread the word to more people about safer streets for the City of Roseville.


Spencer Fink



To the Editor:


My topic is do video games cause violence? And my answer is no.

My first point is when a shooting happens, but the shooter was a “gamer,” they blamed it on video games but it turns out he actually only played rhythm games.

Second off, Japan is a country where people play a lot more video games and are a lot less violent. So there is my point.


Samuel Jacobson



To the Editor:


Hello, my name is Braden Koepp. I am part of Roseville Scout Troop 401, and I am writing to talk about racism in Roseville. Somebody from my school walked up to my friend, who is black, and said, “Black people are stupid,” which definitely isn’t true. After all, all three “Hidden Figures” are black, Muhammad Ali was black and Martin Luther King Jr. was black.


Braden Koepp



To the Editor:


Climate change is destroying ice caps and is affecting animals such as polar bears, seals and other animals. Please help stop pollution for our world’s sake.


Keegan Evert

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