LETTER: Isaacson doing the right thing

To the Editor:


The next federal census will be completed next year, and then states will start to draw the lines for legislative and Congressional Districts. In many states, when one party won big in the 2010 elections, legislators and governors drew the lines to favor their candidates to win for the next decade. Wisconsin (Republicans) and Illinois (Democrats) have done this in our part of the country.

Right now, with a DFL Governor in Minnesota through 2022, Republicans have no chance to control all of state government after the census. However, if the Democrats win the state Senate in 2020 and keep a majority in the House, they could control everything and draw the lines to their advantage.†

So what does our DFL Senator Jason Isaacson do? He is the author of a bill to amend the state constitution to create a non-partisan panel of retired judges who will draw the lines. That approach would keep politicians out of redistricting altogether. Jason could have just left well enough alone and hope his party wins the Senate majority.

It sounds like Jason Isaacson is interested in doing the right thing, and not what benefits his party. Go figure!


Paul Gardner


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