LETTER: Moller supports sensible salting

To the Editor:


Some of our local lakes are in danger of exceeding state standards for chloride. When we use salt on our roads, it can end up in our lakes, rivers and streams where it can kill off aquatic life. 

One teaspoon of salt can permanently pollute five gallons of water, according to www.StopOverSalting.org. Some of our cities, like Shoreview, now spray salt brine instead of spreading rock salt because it uses less salt and keeps roads from freezing in the first place. Now the biggest obstacle to reducing salt use is from private property owners who use contractors to clear their parking lots and sidewalks. They often use more salt than is needed to avoid potential liability if someone slips and falls. 

The state has a certification program for these contractors so they use just the right amount. Our state representative, Kelly Moller, is the co-author of a bill that would shield these contractors from excessive liability if they are certified. That will send the right signal to businesses that they should take the training. It looks like this bill has bipartisan support and could be passed this session. 

I want to thank Kelly Moller for leading on this issue.


Ken Cramer


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