LETTER: Moller supports gun control

To the Editor:


If you are concerned about gun violence, things are finally starting to happen. After many years of inaction on gun violence prevention, legislation is moving forward in the Minnesota House of Representatives. A bill has passed two committees that requires universal background checks for all gun sales and allows law enforcement to confiscate firearms with a court order from someone determined to be a threat to themselves or others (the “red flag” law). 

A large majority of Minnesotans support these ideas, and I voted for Kelly Moller for the Minnesota House of Representatives last November because this is a top priority for her. In fact, she is on the two committees that passed the bills in recent weeks. In committee, she spoke out on behalf of victims, and she has not been afraid of some of the nasty attacks from bill opponents. 

Unfortunately, the Minnesota Senate was not up for re-election in 2018, and its Republican leadership has said they are not interested in giving this legislation a hearing. I want to thank Kelly Moller for her efforts to reduce gun violence.


Katy Molinare


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