LETTER: Let the Roseville council hear support for the fire department

To the Editor:


The Roseville City Council needs to hear citizen support for the Roseville Fire Department.

The department is focusing on staffing and having the appropriate number of firefighters on duty and in the fire station, ready to respond to the emergencies within our community. Citizens have a limited understanding of the number of firefighters needed to provide adequate emergency response.   

Current Roseville Fire Department staffing is insufficient to addresses the needs of our expanding and aging community. Construction of additional senior housing complexes puts greater strain on the RFD, with an increase in 911 calls for medical emergencies. Insufficient staffing is dangerous to both RFD staff and residents who require services.

Insufficient staffing also limits expansion of RFD services for the community. RFD wants to implement mobile-integrated healthcare programs and Advanced Life Support. ALS first response will bring a paramedic to the front door of 911 medical emergencies in a matter of three to four minutes. Everyone can benefit from these services.

In the past, the council has supported funding for parks and recreation and other non-essential services and actions, which only benefit a portion of our residents. Funding greater fire department staffing is support for substantive, life-saving services for all Roseville residents.

The Roseville City Council needs to hear citizen support for the fire department.


Sara Barsel 


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