LETTER: Please increase the tobacco purchase age in Arden Hills

To the Editor:


I am an Arden Hills resident and a retired public health professional. I am concerned about youth tobacco use in Arden Hills, especially since we are the location of Mounds View High School. I am glad to see that the Arden Hills City Council is considering raising the tobacco sales age to 21.

I am concerned about the rising rates of tobacco use among young people in our community, and the increase in the use of vaping products. Tobacco companies target youth in their marketing to replace users who die from use of their products due to a heart attack, emphysema, cancer or other chronic conditions caused or exacerbated by their use. 

Nicotine is dangerous for the developing adolescent brain and getting these products away from our schools will go a long way in preventing future generations from a lifelong addiction. It has had an impact on jurisdictions that have implemented new laws and will have an impact here, if passed. Nineteen municipalities and one county in Minnesota have passed ordinances restricting tobacco purchases to those 21 years and older.

A Tobacco 21 ordinance will have a positive impact on our youth and the health of our entire community. I strongly support raising the tobacco sales age to 21 in Arden Hills.


Julianne Seiber 

Arden Hills

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