LETTER: Consider eating a plant-based diet

To the Editor:


The U.N.’s 2006 report, “Livestock’s Long Shadow,” was pivotal in establishing animal agriculture as one of the top two contributing factors to climate change, rivaled only by transportation in its production of greenhouse gases. As of 2013, the U.N. recognized that the farming, feeding, transport, and slaughter of animals for food as responsible for 14.5 percent of all climate change emissions.

Industrialized animal farming uses up gross amounts of water beginning with water used to grow feed crops, like corn and soybeans, which are then fed to the confined animals. These millions of farm animals drink a great deal of water and water usage in slaughter houses must be huge. Runoff from factory farms is one of the leading causes of pollution in our rivers and lakes.

Many of these problems could be eliminated with a plant-based diet. The libraries have many cookbooks with delicious animal-free recipes and I stress that health is also another point to consider, as clogged arteries with saturated fat are no joke, but extremely life-threatening. 

Our world needs to foster compassion towards animals for their own sake; not because of their utility for people, but because they are fellow sentient beings — our brothers and sisters with whom we are interconnected, fellow children of Mother Nature. Billions of animals are mutilated, confined and violently killed by the U.S. meat, dairy and egg industries every year.

Please consider some of these points when wanting to help our world and environment.


Barbara Stasz

Mounds View

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