Vote Roe and Willmus for continued quality leadership

To the Editor:


I encourage Roseville voters to support Mayor Dan Roe and council member Bob Willmus for re-election this fall! Dan and Bob share several traits that make them excellent leaders for our future. They are both fully committed to a prosperous Roseville. They are both committed to more open government. They are both balanced thinkers who take in the big picture when making decisions.  

Bob is a lifelong resident with deep ties of family, business and community involvement, including chairing the Park and Recreation Commission. Dan has been in Roseville for over two decades committing to active volunteering and holding positions of leadership, from mayor to vice-chair of the board of Northeast Youth and Family Services.  

They have been instrumental in changing our city council processes to give the public more access by making all meeting materials available to the public five days before meetings, making public comment available for every item on the agenda and championing our current efforts to reach out in new ways to engage our increasingly diverse community.  

Most importantly, they take the time to look at all sides of issues before the council. They seek input from the community, from staff and from outside resources to ensure that we come to the best decision for the residents of Roseville. Re-electing Dan Roe and Bob Willmus is a choice that will ensure quality leadership and the future prosperity of our community. Make sure you vote on or before Nov. 6!


Jason Etten

Roseville City Council member

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