Jessup collaborates on issues important to all

To the Editor:


In his short time as our state representative, Randy Jessup has proven that he has what it takes to bring people together to get things done for our community.

Just this past session, Randy and his colleagues in the Legislature worked with Gov. Dayton on an education bill that would have made available more than $225 million to help students and prevent teacher layoffs for school districts that are facing budget shortfalls. Working together with Gov. Dayton, this was actually nearly $100 million more in flexible dollars than the "emergency" funding that was requested by the governor earlier this year.

Randy also supported and helped pass other legislation that contained a variety of shared priorities with the governor, including policies to improve the safety at our schools, dollars to rebuild our roads and bridges, funding and reforms to deal with the opioid epidemic, legislation to protect our elderly loved ones and efforts to prevent a cut to caregivers of disabled Minnesotans.

While some of these initiatives did not end up becoming law, they nevertheless demonstrate Randy's ability to collaborate with his colleagues on the issues that we all are concerned about.

Please vote for Randy Jessup this November!


Abby Loesch 

Arden Hills

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