Jessup: ‘Thank you for the responsibility’

To the Editor:


Over the past few months, I've published quotes from a diverse group of respected leaders. I chose quotes that espouse lasting principles with value for us as individuals and as a community today. I hope one or more were meaningful to you.  

The individuals quoted were public servants in their time. Like them, I also aspire to serve our community well and to lead by example and with a clear conscience. I'm committed to listening to all sides, pursuing smart ideas that benefit our district, and delivering solutions we can all get behind. I will continue to work on bipartisan legislation with colleagues from both parties — I believe that's how the best ideas are generated.

For me, the highlight of representing the collective interests of our district at the Capitol is the people. I'm extremely proud of our district and that we are a community of independent thinkers. The countless conversations with many of you and your District 42A neighbors have been rewarding and encouraging. I enjoy hearing people's stories and the unique ways they become connected with others. 

Thank you for the responsibility you've entrusted to me as your state representative. It's a humbling experience and a worthwhile calling. I'd be honored and grateful to receive your vote and continue serving you.  


Rep. Randy Jessup

House District 42A  

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