Becker-Finn on her priorities and accomplishments

To the Editor:


It is truly an honor to serve as your state representative. I work hard to put the needs of our community first. I want to take this opportunity to set the record straight regarding my priorities and accomplishments since taking office in 2017.

I secured $20.5 million in bonding dollars for infrastructure improvements in our district, 42B. I voted in favor of decreasing taxes on social security income for seniors. I supported a new law that provides better protections for firefighters, law enforcement and other emergency responders who suffer PTSD on the job.

I have advocated strongly for increased funding for disability support services and federal tax conformity legislation. I am hopeful we will address these issues right away when the Legislature reconvenes in January. In addition, I strongly support opening up MinnesotaCare so that even more people can benefit by buying into a larger health insurance pool. As a prosecutor, I have also been a leading voice speaking up for victims of violence and harassment.

I am proud to be running an honest, positive campaign. I make a point to speak with constituents of all backgrounds and political parties. I think we need that openness and civility now more than ever and I will continue to lead this way at the state Capitol. I ask for your vote on Nov. 6.


Rep. Jamie Becker-Finn

House District 42B

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