Irondale joins Suburban East Conference

After next school year, the decades-old rivalry between Irondale and Mounds View high schools returns to intra-conference stakes. 

Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, Irondale joins Mounds View in the Suburban East Conference, according to a Mounds View Public Schools press release. 

Irondale hops from the Northwest Suburban Conference to the Suburban East, making the SEC an even and schedule-friendly 10 teams. 

The North Suburban Conference, later known as the Twin Cities Suburban Conference, was the conference Mounds View and Irondale battled in for decades before Irondale bailed in the mid-90s. The departure, though, did not deter the rivalry between the schools, which are separated by three miles and are part of the same school district.

“We currently play non-conference contests with Mounds View in virtually every activity,” said Irondale Activities Director Chris Fink in the release. 

According to the release, Northwest Suburban, the conference Irondale is leaving, is likely migrating west of the metro. The move to the SEC keeps Irondale “grounded in the east metro,” the release said.

“Our enrollment is comparable to other Suburban East schools, and we’re geographically aligned with them as well,” Fink said, adding that the move “makes sense for everyone.”


— Solomon Gustavo

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