Meat in the pants in Little Canada

Arrests, Thefts and more around Falcon Heights, Lauderdale, Little Canada, and Roseville - Roseville Review police reports June 28, 2016.


Falcon Heights


No news is good news.


A surveillance camera caught footage of late-night prowlers lighting a garbage can on fire in northeast Roseville. The suspects were described as 14 to 18-year-old boys in shorts, one possibly wearing flip flops. Roseville police ask anyone with information about the incident to call 651-792-7008.

‘Frustrating mischief’ reported in northeast Roseville

A rash of criminal property damage was reported in northeast Roseville. The Roseville Police Department sent out a crime alert June 17 about the vandalism, and as evidenced by the police blotter, reported vandalism in the area continued through the weekend of June 17-19. 

Per the Roseville police notice, “Reports of damaged landscaping, chairs thrown in pools, car vandalism, mailboxes and trash cans set on fire, and other frustrating mischief have occurred over the past few weeks.”  

“The incidents are occurring from midnight to 3 a.m.,” the notice continued. “Please keep an eye out for suspicious activity, leave your porch and garage lights on at night, and report any suspicious activity to the Roseville Police by calling 911.”

Police said they have positive leads on the group of young mischief-makers, and continue to investigate.




A dispute amongst neighbors in the 1700 block of Malvern Street June 9 was reported to police by a 41-year-old woman and resulted in a 52-year-old male neighbor being arrested and cited for disorderly conduct. The woman told police the man had yelled and cursed at her over an unidentified issue.


Brass knuckles and weed

A 33-year-old man stopped June 11 at Larpenteur Avenue and Highway 280 was arrested and cited for driving with a revoked license and driving an uninsured car. His passenger, another 33-year-old guy who evidently has both a mellow and mean streak, was arrested and cited for possession of a small amount of marijuana and some brass knuckles.


Domestic assault

A 28-year-old woman was assaulted by her 37-year-old boyfriend in a car at Highway 280 and Broadway Street June 7. Following an argument, the man assaulted the woman and threatened to cut her with glass; the car stopped at a nearby Holiday gas station and the man got our and kicked out a headlight on the victim’s car. The 28-year-old and her sister drove away from the gas station and were later stopped by a concerned passerby, who called police. Paramedics arrived and determined the woman did not need medical attention. The 37-year-old was later located with help from New Brighton police and arrested. He was taken to the Ramsey County Jail and booked for felony domestic assault, felony second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and for misdemeanor damage to property.


Little Canada


Bad at the bar

The 23-year-old woman from St. Paul began tearing up the barroom at a watering hole in the 2500 block of Rice Street early June 16 when it was discovered she’d given a potentially fake ID to a friend to use. She threw things, broke things on the bar and ripped posters from the wall, until a bouncer told her the police had been called, at which point she kicked open the door, hopped in a BMW and drove off. She was mailed a citation for disorderly conduct and lending out her ID.



Somebody broke into and ransacked a house on Sextant Avenue — the 43-year-old woman who lives there with her 20-year-old daughter told police June 18 it happened while the two were out of town. Police initially thought they had a solid suspect — a 19-year-old man who used to live with the two who had been texting threats and harassment — though the plot thickened just a bit when it was found the house was in foreclosure. Now, police are suspicious the woman wrecked her own place.


Fast food fight

Two men from Maplewood, ages 29 and 21, brawled on the lawn near Culver’s in the 2800 block of Rice Street the night of June 21, and police lights nor sirens nor repeated orders to “break it up” could get them to stop. Finally, police pulled out there Tasers with the intent to use them, and the combatants, who said they were fighting over some borrowed clothing, settled down. They were unhurt, issued citations for disorderly conduct and fifth-degree assault and brought home.


Grandma stole the TV

The 20-year-old woman who lives with her 37-year-old aunt on Ruth Street called police June 18 to report her 60-year-old grandmother had stolen their $600 television. Police have attempted to track granny down, so far, to no avail.


Meat in the pants

A 51-year-old man from Lake City stuffed 10 cents shy of $100 worth of meat into his pants at Aldi in the 2300 block of Rice Street and attempted to leave the store June 19. A manager saw it all happening and called police, and managed to stop the man too. The man was banned from the store and initially charged with misdemeanor shoplifting; that was until police found illegal drugs on the 51-year-old, at which point they arrested him.





Assaults were reported:

• June 18 at Walgreens on Lexington Avenue

• June 20 in the 100 block of Grandview Avenue



Burglaries were reported:

• June 15 in the 3000 block of Old Highway 8

• June 16 at Roseville Library

• June 17 at Rosedale Center

• June 17 in the 1000 block of Shryer Avenue

• June 20 in the 2900 block of Farrington Avenue

• June 21 in the 1300 block of Sandhurst Drive

• June 21 in the 700 block of Rose Place

• June 22 in the 2800 block of Asbury Street



Thefts were reported:

• June 15 in the 1300 block of Burke Avenue

• June 15 at Target

• June 16 at Dairy Queen on Rice Street

• June 20 in the 1100 block of Oakcrest Avenue

• June 21 in the 2500 block of Lexington Avenue

• June 22 at Rosedale Center

• June 22 at Roseville Area High School

• June 22 at Walgreens on Rice Street


Motor vehicle thefts were reported:

• June 17 in the 1600 block of Eldridge Avenue

• June 20 at Magnolia Avenue and Forest Street


Thefts from auto were reported:

• June 20 in the 2300 block of Auerbach Avenue

• June 21 in the 500 block of Sandhurst Drive



Driving while intoxicated was reported:

• June 15 at Roselawn Avenue and Rice Street

• June 16 at Hamline and Lydia avenues

• June 18 at Old Highway 8 and County Road D

• June 21 at Rice Street and Minnesota Avenue


Property Damage

Criminal damage to property was reported:

• June 16 in the 2700 block of Rice Street

• June 16 in the 900 block of Transit Avenue

• June 17 in the 500 block of Hillscourte

• June 17 in the 400 block of Owasso Hills Drive

• June 18 in the 2800 block of Marion Street

• June 18 in the 500 block of Woodhill Drive

• June 18 in the 500 block of Owasso Hills Drive

• June 18 in the 2700 block of Galtier Street

• June 18 in the 400 block of Crescent Lane

• June 19 in the 1800 block of Chatsworth Street

• June 19 in the 1800 block of Brenner Avenue

• June 20 in the 2900 block of Matilda Street 

• June 20 in the 2400 block of Galtier Street

• June 22 at Fantasy Flight Games



Robbery was reported:

• June 16 at Fairfield Inn


Shots Fired

Shots were reportedly fired:

• June 15 in the 600 block of County Road B

• June 21 at Highway 36 and Rice Street

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