Charges: West St. Paul man allegedly strangled, killed woman

Marc Bakambia

Woman told relative she 'feared for her life' days prior to death

A month after a West St. Paul woman was found dead in her apartment Aug. 10, police discovered a "selfie" on her boyfriend's cell phone of him lying next to her on a bed. In the photo, she appears to be deceased and he is crying, according to court documents recently filed in Dakota County District Court.

Marc Bakambia, 28, of West St. Paul, is now charged with two counts of second-degree murder, both felonies, in connection with the killing of 24-year-old Dorothy Ann Redd, his girlfriend who reportedly ended their relationship shortly before she was found dead.

On Aug. 8, Bakambia was charged with interference with a 911 call and domestic assault, after he reportedly dragged Redd by her hair out of her car when she was trying to keep him from driving drunk two days before. She screamed for help and a neighbor called the police, the criminal complaint said. 

As a condition of his release, he was ordered not to have any contact with Redd, but relatives say Redd apparently helped pay for his bail and then they met at a store Aug. 9, the complaint said.

Report of suspicious death

On Aug. 10 at about 6:30 p.m., officers of the West St. Paul Police Department were summoned to an apartment on a report of a suspicious death.

Officers found a deceased woman lying on the bed in the master bedroom. She was identified as Redd.

According to the autopsy, the immediate cause of death was strangulation.

Saying, "He killed her," Redd's mother told police she believed Bakambia, her daughter's live-in boyfriend, had strangled her to death, according to the complaint.

Redd told relatives about the Aug. 6 assault, saying she "feared for her life" and she was so frightened in the car that she "pretended like she was dead," the complaint said. 

The mother last spoke to Redd for about two minutes on the phone Aug. 9. The complaint said the mother tried to contact her daughter and Bakambia multiple times Aug. 10 unsuccessfully and became concerned about her welfare. The mother went to Redd's apartment, found the door unlocked and entered it to find Redd deceased on the bed.

On Aug. 9, the South St. Paul Police Department received a report that a car had struck a parked car and the driver abandoned it. The car was registered to Redd, and alcoholic beverages were found inside. An officer tried to contact Redd after 10 p.m. at her apartment, but she didn't answer.

Month-long investigation

In the month-long investigation into Redd's death, Bakambia reportedly contacted investigators and Redd's relatives multiple times. In conversations with an investigator and his probation officer, Bakambia spoke as if he were talking to Redd: "You know exactly how much I love you," according to the complaint. He then allegedly said, "Then Jesus I need you to be with me, kill her, there is no one, there is no one I believe in this world that can help me without you ..." 

On Aug. 26, he left a voicemail for an investigator: "My life don't have no sense right now, but I'm still fighting. I need to know exactly what I did to my fiancée," adding that "it was fine" if the investigator wanted to arrest him, the complaint said.

That same day, a cashier at a gas station reported a "disturbing encounter" with Bakambia. He bought beer, and then lingered near the cashier's station. She told police he said, "My fiancée, my fiancée," and then put his hands on his throat, indicating strangulation, the complaint said. 

Bakambia's phone was searched Sept. 9, and several photos of Redd's apartment and the image of Bakambia lying next to what appears to be Redd's body were found. Also found were several text messages between Redd and Bakambia Sept. 9 that indicated Redd had ended their relationship.

Bakambia is currently jailed at the Dakota County Jail. 

He made his first appearance in court Sept. 15, when his bail was set at $1.5 million. His next court appearance is scheduled Sept. 29.

Bakambia's past convictions in Minnesota include domestic assault, disorderly conduct and two DWIs, according to court records.

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